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Beauty Matters To Women

It is tough to be a woman in this economy but it amazes me on how much beauty matters the most to women. In order to satisfy all women’s beauty needs, salons need to provide a wide range of services such as hair coloring, bleaching, straightening, and perming. No matter what the cost is, beauty […]

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Natural Hair Treatment

      We have all heard about the recent news regarding brazilian keratin treatments, keratin hair treatments, and any keratin treatment that contains formaldehyde. After hearing all the skepticism about this hair treatment, I would like to introduce to you an all natural keratin hair treatment called “Bio Anti Frizz Elements”.   Bio Anti […]

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What is Argil Clay

What is Argil Clay? Since early times, man has always used clay and clay rocks to make their tools for hunting and food preparation. The clay was an early form of natural medicine and its therapeutic virtues continue to be recognized. The constituents of clays act as enhancers of certain therapeutic effects, depending on its […]

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