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The Best Hair Shampoo is Natural and Works to Create Healthy Hair


shampoo8ozpage4 pic8Sometimes it can be hard to find the best hair shampoo for our hair. While we want something that makes our hair and scalp feel good, the best shampoo should also help make your scalp and hair healthy. The combination of the two are sometimes difficult to find but there is a solution.

For instance, our Ultimate Argil Shampoo is made with natural products like green argila and andiroba oil. This shampoo is perfect for restoring your hair to its natural condition. It has omega 3, green clay, fatty acids and the andiroba oil seeds are found in the Amazon rain forest. You won’t find a better organic product that treats your hair the way it was intended, naturally.

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Argil Therapy – The Perfect Hair Treatment Service for Hair Salons

Natural Keratin Hair Straightening Salon Treatment

Natural Keratin Hair Straightening Salon TreatmentIf you work at a hair salon or own a beauty salon then you know how important it is to stay ahead of the competition. That is why it is important to give your clients something that they can’t get at other salons and that is where Argil Therapy comes in.

Sleek, straight hair is a trend that looks like it will be around for quite a while. Many customers love a straight look but aren’t sure about their options. With an Argil Therapy hair treatment, your customers not only get the look they desire but they also get a healthy head of hair.

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Natural hair straightening treatment: what you need to know

For those of us who want silky, smooth hair but were born with hair that is bulky or kinky, we used to have to endure harsh chemicals, high heat and lots of damaged hair. With their harsh chemicals that include formaldehyde or sodium hydroxide mixtures, keratin treatments, hair relaxers, japanese hair straightening and other damaging treatments were options in the past — but incredibly bad options.

Fortunately, there is such a thing as a safe, natural hair straightening treatment.

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Sleek, Straight Hair with a Dry Hair Treatment

Many people believe that you cannot have sleek, straight hair while maintaining a healthy head of hair. This is because many straightening treatments tend to dry the hair even more. Even using a flat iron can dry out hair that has a tendency to be dry in the first place. However, there is a dry hair treatment that not only gives you nourished and healthy hair but it straightens the hair as well.

Argil Therapy is different in a lot of ways.

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