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Straight Hair With Argil Therapy Is Healthier Hair

Straight, sleek hair is “in” right now but many straightening products can leave the hair and scalp damaged or dry and brittle. Fortunately, straight hair with Argil Therapy means a healthier scalp and healthier hair. The difference is in the ingredients. Most hair straighteners use toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde, lye, sodium hydroxide and thio. Many of […]

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Natural Hair Relaxer for Straight, Silky Hair Without Harmful Chemicals

Hair care professionals with a multi-ethnic client base can now offer a unique natural hair relaxer that works for everyone. Argil Hair Therapy by Jean de Perle Paris can be used with all hair types. It gives every head of hair a 90 to 100 percent silky, frizz-free look without the harmful chemicals found in some traditional […]

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