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amino acid hair straightening keratin treatment

 What is Amino Acid Hair Straightening?


With so many Keratin Straightening Treatments on the market, it becomes hard to know which treatment may be right for you. There has been much skepticism about the safety of keratin hair straightening treatments. The addition of formaldehyde in many of these products has been of much concern due to the carcinogens that are released into the air when the keratin treatment is sealed in with heat from a flat iron.

Since these safety questions have been brought up, other hair straightening treatments have been formulated and brought to the consumer. One of such is an Amino Acid Hair Treatment called Argil Therapy by Jean De Perle Paris. Argil Therapy is an all natural keratin treatment that uses amino acids such as l-cystein, keratin, and white clay elements to restructure and repair the hair naturally without the use of chemicals such as formaldehyde, sodium hydroxide, and thio. While these Amino Acid Treatments may seem very similar to Keratin Hair Straightening Treatments, there are few key differences.


amino acid hair straightening keratin treatment


No Harsh Fumes, No Harsh Carcinogens

1.       Just the same as Keratin hair straightening treatments or Brazilian Keratin Treatments, Amino Acid hair treatments need to be sealed in with high heat. However, when ‘sealing’ a Keratin Treatment, it is believed that harsh carcinogens are being released into the air. This can irritate the nose and burn the eyes of the client and the hair stylists. On the other hand, an Amino Acid hair straightening treatment does not produce a noxious gas that irritates the nose and burn the eyes.

Silky, Smooth, Straight Hair

keratin hair straightening treatment

2.       Depending on how curly your hair naturally is will depend on how straight your it will actually end up. During the keratin treatment application process, the hair is flat ironed at 450 degrees to seal or “lock in” the keratin treatment for several weeks. Keratin hair straightening treatments usually produce a pin straight mane due to the formaldehyde that locks the keratin treatment inside the cuticle. With Argil Therapy’s amino acid keratin treatment, natural amino acids and proteins are sealed into the hair cuticle by a flat iron, however the silicones inside argil therapy coats and locks in the amino acids from breaking.



The No Do’s or Dont’s Hair Treatment 

3.       Most keratin straightening treatments tell you the Do’s and Dont’s. For example, you cannot wash your hair up to 48 or 72 hours after a keratin treatment. You may not style your hair, or put your it in a pony tail, nor can you highlight or color your hair immediately after a keratin treatment. With Argil Therapy’s amino acid straightening treatment, there are no don’ts, just do’s. Unlike keratin treatments where their based on formaldehyde to preserve the hair treatment, amino acid straightening treatments are based on acidic proteins that naturally have a pH that is suitable to open the cuticle, implement the amino acids and proteins, and seal the hair bonds. This may encourage slight discoloration of your hair and it is very possible it can become 1 to 2 shades lighter so be sure to color your hair after, not before, if color is what you want.

Be sure to check out Jean De Perle’s Paris after care shampoo and conditioner line to help continue maintain the nutrients to make your  Amino Acid Hair Treatment last several months.


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