African American Hair: Relaxers vs. Keratin

keratin treatment

African American Hair Relaxers Vs Keratin Treatments

keratin treatment

Ever since the introduction of Keratin Hair Treatments years ago, a debate has arisen in the African American community. Is one treatment better than the other? In this article I will give you the information you need to make your own decision.


So What Is The Difference?


Traditional Relaxers and Brazilian Keratin Treatments (BKT) both have the same end-game… to provide straight hair. However, they both go about it in a different way. Relaxers for black hair typically use harsh chemicals such as ammonium thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide. This additive can lead to hair breakage and if not properly applied, a relaxer can irritate and/or burn the scalp as well as damaging the hair itself. Keratin Treatments contain a protein called Keratin, which is of a similar compound found in human hair. Keratin is a natural ingredient, but be aware of any hair straightening treatment containing formaldehyde. This chemical is a carcinogen that can irritate the eyes and lungs. Older versions of this product have been tested and it has been found that high levels of formaldehyde are considered unsafe according to OSHA. Look for products that say ‘All Natural’ or ‘Formaldehyde Free’.

Unlike any Brazilian Hair Treatment, African American Hair Relaxers cannot be used on top of any other process due to the fact that it can irreversibly damage it. Although the chemicals in relaxers have been known to work over the years, they have also proven to be very harmful. So damaging, you cannot treat your hair again until the risk of damage is far and gone. Most likely, by the time you CAN apply something else, such as highlights, it will be time for another relaxing treatment. With Keratin hair straightening treatments there is no such worry anymore, especially if you choose a natural keratin treatment from Jean De Perle Paris.


So there you have it! Each has their Pros & Cons, but that is for each person to decide on their own. Also, when deciding on a process, be aware of the before and after care that will be needed. For natural hair products such as hair straightening treatments, Argil Therapy is an all natural hair treatment that contains amino acids and white clay to strengthen and straighten hair nautrally without the use of formaldehyde, sodium hydroxide, or lye. For product information, please visit the recommended sites! Both of these sites have an extensive FAQ section that can answer any other questions I may have not covered.


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