After Care: Brazilian Keratin Treatments

In other articles, I’ve explained what you should know before getting any kind of Keratin or Brazilian Keratin Treatment, as well as how the process itself works. This time around I will be going into detail about the after-care of these Keratin Treatments.

Regardless of what type of Keratin treatment you use, it is generally agreed that there is a basic after care for all treatments. Initially after the treatment, you are not to get your hair wet by any means for at least 24 hours! This includes swimming, washing your hair, or exercising which produces sweat on the scalp. If you do want to go swimming, especially in chlorinated or salt water, take these precautionary steps. You can either soak the hair in clear water before (pre-saturating the hair helps to avoid any other liquid being absorbed.) and rinsing in clear water after, or you can apply a leave in conditioner. This doesn’t make a large difference in saving your freshly done hair, but it can be helpful. You also can not tuck hair behind ears, use pins or clips, or put into a ponytail. Doing such things will put creases into your freshly done hair. If you do happen to notice an unwanted wave or crimp, immediately blow dry and/or flat iron that piece until smooth. It is also emphasized that you should avoid using any type of product considering your Brazilian Keratin Treatment has already eliminated most of the frizz and fly a ways. If you are going to use any hair products, make sure they do not have alcohol, sodium chloride and sulfates. These additives can possibly strip the cuticle, as well as the keratin and moisture from within the hair which will speed the process in which the effects of the Keratin Treatment will wear off. It is also necessary to use a specific shampoo and conditioner when it does come time to wash your hair. Products without sodium chloride are ideal to maintain your Brazilian Keratin Treatment as long as possible. Bio Anti Frizz Shampoo & Bio Anti Frizz Conditioner from Argil Therapy’s line of products is ideal for keeping your Brazilian Treatment long lasting. Visit their website for these and other amazing products.

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