Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatments have become more popular over the years, and was one of the best hair treatments that repaired frizzy and damaged hair. However the one drawback of the keratin treatment was the formaldehyde that was inside to preserve the treatment in the hair for several weeks. Which brings me to explain about Jean De Perle and the reason for Argil Hair Therapy.

About Jean De Perle


Jean De Perle was founded by Nina Leeber, whose been in cosmetology for 23 years, and specializes in micropigmentation. After many years of listening to womens needs and desires, Nina decided to help women change the way they look and feel about there hair in a natural way without the use of chemicals and without causing anymore damage to the hair.


Jean De Perle has been offering salons  worldwide an all natural treatment without the use of chemicals such as formaldehyde – the main ingredient in most keratin treatments today which is used as a preservative to preserve the treatment for a long period of time.


Jean De Perle was established to deliver high quality products, concepts, and aesthetics to those interested in improving their knowledge in beauty care to become a better hair professional.


Jean De Perle offers a revolutionary technology in hair smoothing and texture control that incorporates natural elements without the need of chemicals. Therefore no thio, no sodium hydroxide, and no formaldehyde. Argil Therapy uses pure amino acids, minerals, and clay elements that transform hair texture from inside out.


Argil Hair Therapy Workshop


  1. Theory
  2. Demonstration
  3. Questions and Answers






Explain the causes of damaged hair, the different levels of pH, and how to restore damaged hair with Argil Therapy, and how to make money using Argil Therapy System.


Causes of Hair Damage


Hair can be damaged very easily when it is not taken care of. The sun or humidity can damage the hair over a period of time, just like bleaching which we all know it causes breakage and irreversible damage to the cuticle.

Perms causes loss of elasticity, making hair brittle, fragile, and prone to breakage. Another example would be scalp damages that cause redness, itching, burning, and peeling. Perms can also stop hair growth and alter the hairs texture making it frizzy


Highlights and Coloring – changes the inner structure of the hair causing lackluster look and dryness, especially frequently coloring to hide roots or gray hair


“Heat causes temporary changes to the hydrogen bonds that hold hair together,” and that can make hair look dull. Over time, the temporary changes can lead to more permanent damage if you tend to blow dry or iron on a daily basis.


Ponytails and braids – cause hair breakage


Over-shampooing – washes away the natural moisture that help your hair look healthy,  making hair dry


Extensions and weaves – causes broken and brittle hair, damage is at the roots where it harder to repair




Information about pH in hair:

Level of pH

         0 – 5 Acid

         0 = battery acid

         1 = Sulfuric acid

         2 = lemon juice , vinegar, argil

         3 = orange juice, soda

         4 = acid rain or acidic lake

         5 = bananas and clean rain

         6 = healthy lake and milk

         7 = pure water

         8 = sea water , eggs

         9 = baking soda

         10 = milk of magnesia

         11 = amonia

         12 = soapy water

         13 = bleach

         14 = liquid drain cleaner


         5.5 – 14 Alkaline (14 being high alkaline


Alkaline found in water (pH 7)

         Water swells skin, hair, cuticle

         Cuticle – outermost layer, with several layers of flat and thin cells that arecolorless and serve as a protection layer for the cortex

         Cortex – middle layer that contains keratin in cells  that are rod-like, and provides strength, color and texture to the hair

          medula – innermost layer which is mostly present in large thick hairs. It is made up of loosely connected cells which contain keratin

         If cuticle is opened and damaged it will cause damages to the cortex and medula



How to restore damaged hair?


Argil Therapy is a system that contains natural elements that is found in the amazon river called Argil Clay or white clay. Argil Therapy restores all types of hair while controlling volume and frizz without the use of chemicals. The composition is based on acidic proteins, amino acids, and clays that are bio compatible  to human hair. Argil Therapy was developed to lubricate and seal the cuticle by opening the cuticle to implement amino acids such as cysteine and keratin into the hair cortex which will make the restructured hair soft, shiny, and healthy.


Argil Therapy eliminates 90% to 100% of curls and frizz, without the health risk associated with other smoothing, straightening, and relaxer type products.


Argil Therapy system is composed of 4 products:


                     i.First Shampoo which clarifies the hair and prepares it for treatment.

                   ii.Elements which contains the most important ingredient that replaces chemicals like formaldehyde, which is the argil or argil clay aka white clay

                  iii.Bio Shampoo to neutralize the treatment

                 iv.Bio Conditioner to seal the cuticle


Why use Argil?

         Thousands of years ago cleopatra used on her skin to keep her young look

         Egyptians used to apply on mummys to preserve their bodies

         WwII vietnamese learned from the indians to use as a healer on their wounds


What is the active ingredient in Bio Anti Frizz Elements?

         Naturally occurring amino acid called l-cysteine


What are the benefits using l-cysteine in hair?

         Major component in skin, hair, and finernails that is known to promote hair growth, improve the hairs texture, and prevent hair from falling out


How long will the treatment last?

         With the use of Bio Shampoo and conditioner, results lasts anywhere from 4-6 months


What types of hair can be treated?

         All types of hair even can be applied on previously treated hair


Will hair color change?

         Due to the amino acid cysteine, one to two shades may be effected


When can hair be washed?

         Same day


Does Argil Therapy contain formaldehyde?

         No, strictly based on amino acids and Argil Clay


What are the benefits using Argil Therapy?

         Hair will be soft, shiny, healthy, Repairs damaged hair by implementing vitamins and proteins into the cuticle, eliminating frizz and split ends



What is the difference between Argil therapy and Keratin Treatment?

Argil therapy focuses on natural elements that are derives from white clay (Argila Clay) and uses amino acids such as L-Cysteine to restore damaged hair


What kind of hair can be treated with Argil Hair Therapy?

All types of hair


Can you relax hair before applying argil therapy?

Yes you may, however why damage the hair more when we are to repair the hair


How to charge for a single application of Argil Therapy treatment?

Some professionals charge by the hour, oz, hair thickness or length

     What is your service worth? What are you worth?