Argil Therapy: The Natural Way To Straighten Hair

What Women Want: Straight, Smooth, Shiny Hair!

Have you always wanted to have smooth, shiny, straight hair but have feared the damage it can bring? You’re not alone. Many women born with natural curls go to great lengths to have the sleek, stick-straight hair they crave. But at what cost? You’ve seen the results: dry, brittle, lifeless hair. The typical do-it-yourself hair relaxer can be very damaging to the hair. Worse, it can cause painful burns on the scalp and even permanent hair loss! In-salon treatments with chemical straighteners aren’t much better. No wonder women are still looking for a natural answer.

Naturally Straighten Hair

Here’s the good news: there is a way to get the smooth frizz-free hair you’ve been wanting, without the damage. The answer is Argil Therapy. The newest phenomenon now sweeping salons, Argil Therapy is the natural way to straighten hair.  It is made with amino acids identical to the natural proteins your own hair is made of, and does not contain harsh chemicals such as lye, sodium hydrochloride or formaldehyde. So while it effectively straightens your hair, it’s really gentle too–leaving your hair soft, shiny and in even better condition than when you started!

Argil Therapy: Hair Treatment Process

Argil Therapy works by bonding keratin molecules to the hair shaft, making it stronger and thicker. With the use of heat, wavy hair is reshaped to lie smooth and straight. At the same time, white clay and silicones help to strengthen the hair, making it smooth and frizz-free. In fact, if your hair is already damaged from previously used straighteners or other chemical treatments, Argil Therapy can help you restore the health and shine to your hair. The whole process takes just 60-90 minutes in the salon. And you can enjoy your beautiful straight hair for up to 6 months as it fades out gradually, leaving no visible regrowth.

Discover the all-natural way to have beautiful, healthy straight hair. Contact us for more information.

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