How to Get Straight Hair Without Toxic Chemicals

Straight hair looks sleek, elegant and polished but not everyone is born with it. Thanks to modern technology with a combination of timeless products such as white clay, you can have the straight hair you crave without having to deal with the toxic chemicals of the past.

If you are wondering how to get straight hair we have the answer. Hair with other products is sometimes straightened by using chemicals such as formaldehyde. This is a product that has been not only used in the past but in some cases, is still used. Not only is this a chemical with harmful fumes, you are not getting the natural way of straightening, which is safer and healthier for your skin, scalp and hair.

What we have are products made the way nature intended – naturally. For instance, our Argil hair therapy straightening products feature natural white clay that is found in the Amazon River. This is a mineral that has been used for centuries. Combined with natural amino acids and proteins, what you get is a product that not only straightens your hair but works to enhance the health of your hair.

No longer do you have to sit through the smell of harsh chemicals or worry about them drying out your scalp because Argil Therapy works to make your hair healthy within. The amino acid in our brand is used to promote hair growth, keep you safe from hair loss and actually improves the texture of the hair.

It’s so safe that you can wash it the same day and even change the color. Children and pregnant women can safely use this straightening product and now you can straighten the way mother nature intended. When you’re ready to get straighter hair that feels as good as it looks just contact us and we’ll help you get started.

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