Keratin Treatment Reviews: The Straight Truth

keratin treatment reviews

keratin treatment reviewsThose born with certain defining attributes such as straight hair often seek the opposite. Just as some of those with curly hair more than likely desire to have it straight. One way to make your dream of having straighter or less frizzy hair become a reality is to have a chemical hair treatment, more popularly known as a Keratin Treatment, applied to your curly locks.

Keratin is a protein found naturally in your hair. If the hair cuticles are cracked, dry, or damaged, Keratin can fill in those areas. Keratin Treatments, also known to some as Brazilian Blowout or Brazilian Keratin Treatments, have been found to contain formaldehyde, a common preservative found in everyday use. Levels of formaldehyde are mixed with keratin, which helps to hold or preserve the Keratin in place when applied to the hair cuticles. The chemical treatment is then sealed with heat using a flatiron. Keratin treatments can last anywhere between 3 to 5 months and costs starting on average of $300. After the treatment you are advised against washing your hair for 3 to 4 days so the solution has time to work.

Some Keratin Treatment reviews point out that if you are planning to have the chemical treatment applied to your hair there are several things you should know about its contents.

  1. Formaldehyde contained in Keratin Treatments is toxic. Some of the known risks of being exposed to formaldehyde are irritation of the eyes, skin, and the upper respiratory tract. The Environmental Protection Agency has classified formaldehyde as a suspected human carcinogen. It has been linked to leukemia and nasal cancer.
  2. Health agencies do not regulate cosmetic ingredients. Therefore, it is left to manufacturers to produce safe products to use. Cosmetic safety standards have recommended that beauty products contain no more than 0.2 percent of formaldehyde. Even some products labeled as containing no formaldehyde were found to have concentrations higher than those recommended.
  3. It is unlikely that Keratin alone can eradicate frizz without formaldehyde. Since formaldehyde has been needed to bond ingredients such as Keratin to the hair in order to remain smooth, the promise of the length of up to 6 months of smooth frizz-free hair is then in question if the treatment is formaldehyde-free.

A natural hair-straightening alternative is Argil Therapy. Argil Therapy offers a way to avoid the health hazards of chemical hair treatments if you want straight frizz-free hair for up to 6 months. It uses white clay and amino acids to straighten hair naturally without the worry of harmful chemicals.

If you are considering a hair-strengthening treatment contact us to find out more information for achieving the best results with a natural process.

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