Keratin Treatment vs Amino Acid Hair Straightening by Argil Therapy: Know the Difference

keratin hair straightening treatment

keratin hair straightening treatmentIf you want sleek, straight hair that is easy to manage, looks polished and healthy, you’ve probably looked at some of the straightening products available. With so many hair straightening products on the market it is difficult to choose the right straightening treatment. You are probably looking for the most efficent hair straightening product that will give the results expected. There are currently two hair straightening treatments, keratin treatments and amino acid hair straightening treatments by Argil Therapy. However, there’s a lot of difference in a keratin treatment vs an amino acid hair straightening by Argil Therapy and it’s important to know the difference to ensure you have not just straight hair but healthy hair as well.

One of the most important differences are the ingredients that each have. While you may have seen plenty of keratin treatments available what you may not know is that most contain a toxic ingredient known as formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is used as a preservative because it bonds the conditioners to your hair but it can cause respiratory distress and health issues. Other chemicals found in some hair straighteners is biformyl, sodium hydroxide, and lye, which are all chemicals that cause respiratory, eye and skin irritation.
amino acid hair straightening

What Argil Therapy’s amino acid hair straightening treatment has an all-natural ingredients that are good for your hair, scalp and skin. What it doesn’t have is toxic ingredients that you find in keratin treatments. Argil Therapy uses white clay and amino acids to straighten your hair naturally. The amino acid used is a natural vitamin that you already have in your hair called L-Cysteine. This is the ingredient that makes your fingernails, skin and hair healthier and it promotes hair growth. The white clay is a natural mineral that has been used for centuries because it has natural healing properties that you won’t find in a chemically based hair product.

So the next time you want to have your hair straight and beautiful, go green and keep it natural by choosing Argil Therapy instead of a product full of unnatural chemicals and toxins.

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