Keratin Treatments Without the Harsh Fumes and Toxic Chemicals

Natural Keratin Treatments

If you love the look of straight, polished, sleek hair then you’re probably aware that it doesn’t usually come naturally. To get that type of gorgeous hair sometimes you need a little help. Not all straight hair looks perfect without some kind of hair treatment and many people look to Keratin treatments to get the results they want.

Keratin treatments are very popular for straightening hair and making it look sleek and polished. However, many Keratin hair treatments aren’t good for your hair, scalp or skin and that’s why it is important to be aware of natural keratin treatments without the harsh fumes or harsh chemicals that come along with traditional keratin hair treatments.

Traditional keratin treatments rely on chemicals like formaldehyde, sodium hydroxide and lye to get results. These are considered toxic chemicals and not only do they have harsh fumes but they’re not something you should have to put on your hair in order to get the look you want. Thanks to Jean De Perle Paris, there is an alternative hair treatment called Argil Therapy.

With Argil Therapy, the ingredients are all natural. In fact, they’re ingredients that are not only natural and organic but good for you. For instance, Argil Therapy uses organic white and green clay along with amino acids such as l-cysteine, keratin, and healthy silicone that makes the hair, scalp and skin healthier. The amino acid, l-cysteine, promotes hair growth and is classified as a naturally occurring vitamin that is already found in our hair and nails. Argil hair straightening provides essential nutrients to the hair that helps the hair naturally without the chemicals that come from traditional hair relaxers. 

So not only do you not have to worry about breathing in the harsh fumes of traditional keratin treatments but you’ll have a product that is safe to use and is healthy for your hair.

If you’d like to learn more or would like to try any of our all natural products, simply contact us and one of our hair professionals will assist you.


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