Natural hair straightening treatment: what you need to know

For those of us who want silky, smooth hair but were born with hair that is bulky or kinky, we used to have to endure harsh chemicals, high heat and lots of damaged hair. With their harsh chemicals that include formaldehyde or sodium hydroxide mixtures, keratin treatments, hair relaxers, japanese hair straightening and other damaging treatments were options in the past — but incredibly bad options.

Fortunately, there is such a thing as a safe, natural hair straightening treatment. It’s called amino acid hair treatment (Argil Therapy by Jean De Perle Paris offers a great option) and it’s the latest treatment when it comes to naturally straightening your hair. There are no noxious fumes to make your eyes water or choke you with the smell. It’s safe, easy to use and best of all — it’s the end of harsh chemicals that burn and fry your hair, ending with disappointing results.

When your stylist applies the amino acid treatment, you may not even notice at first that she’s even putting it on. Halfway through there may be some steam, which is the amino acid treatment leaving your hair. If you smell the product straight from the bottle, you’ll notice a fresh, pleasant smell, not the harsh, unpleasant odor typical for keratin treatments.

So do amino acids actually work? Can they loosen your curls and smooth your frizz? Here’s how the treatment works. The amino acid complex temporarily changes the structure of your hair fibers, relaxing and straightening them so your hair is easy to comb and leaves your hair silky, smooth and shiny. No stinky fumes, no burned, fried hair. The protein and amino acid complex is what allows the system to straighten the hair.

Stylists recommend you wait at least 24 hours before you wash your hair once the treatment is applied. After you wash the amino acid treatment out, you’ll notice your hair will look shiny and healthy (perhaps for the first time in your life!). 

Want the same natural results? Give Argil Therapy by Jean De Perle Paris a try to experience soft, healthy, silky hair without all the nasty smells and chemicals. Contact us to learn more.

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