Sleek, Straight Hair with a Dry Hair Treatment

Many people believe that you cannot have sleek, straight hair while maintaining a healthy head of hair. This is because many straightening treatments tend to dry the hair even more. Even using a flat iron can dry out hair that has a tendency to be dry in the first place. However, there is a dry hair treatment that not only gives you nourished and healthy hair but it straightens the hair as well.

Argil Therapy is different in a lot of ways. For one thing, it doesn’t use formaldehyde, which is a toxic chemical. Many other straighteners use formaldehyde to bond chemicals to the hair and this can cause irritation of the skin and respiratory irritation. With Argil Therapy, there is no formaldehyde and it uses amino acids and white clay to not only help treat dry hair but to also give you a sleek, polished, straight look that lasts for months at a time. You may have heard of other products out there but you won’t find a product that uses natural ingredients that works as well as Argil Therapy. In fact, white clay has been around for hundreds of years and was used by our ancestors to help with healing of the skin, hair and nails.

So why choose a product that adds unnatural chemicals to your hair and allows you to be exposed to toxic fumes and irritants? If you are ready for something different, something that acts naturally yet works wonderfully, just contact us and we can help you get started on having the look you want.

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