Straight Hair With Argil Therapy Is Healthier Hair

Straight, sleek hair is “in” right now but many straightening products can leave the hair and scalp damaged or dry and brittle. Fortunately, straight hair with Argil Therapy means a healthier scalp and healthier hair.

The difference is in the ingredients. Most hair straighteners use toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde, lye, sodium hydroxide and thio. Many of these components are actually listed as hazardous materials such as sodium hydroxide, which can cause chemical burns. While most people would not want that anywhere near their scalp, they may not realize that there is an alternative.

Argil Therapy is an all-natural hair straightener that not only doesn’t have toxic ingredients but it actually has beneficial ingredients that help the skin, hair and scalp such as:

  • Amino Acids. The amino acid in Argil Therapy is a vitamin called L-cysteine. This naturally occuring vitamin is what we already have in our skin, nails and hair. It not only promotes new growth in hair but it helps decrease hair loss and improves the natural texture of the hair so you have healthier and more manageable hair that looks sleek, smooth and straight. 
  • Argil Clay. Many people may not be familiar with white or green clay but they have been around and used for centuries. White clay has an abundance of kaolinite-rich silicon and aluminum which is a component of your hair and skin’s amino acids. It is a mild clay and has a neutral pH so anyone can use it. Green clay has a wealth of trace elements and is comprised mainly of montmorillonite and illite. It’s a detoxifier and has healing properties as well.

Not only is it possible to have straight hair that is healthy but with Argil Therapy you get a product that works naturally without harmful chemicals that you don’t need.

If you want to learn more about Argil Therapy or wish to place an order, simply contact us and we’ll be glad to help.


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