The Best Hair Straightening Treatment Misconceptions

In the past, it has been expected that the best hair straightening treatments will involve chemical components, including sodium hydroxide and a harmful preservative known as formaldehyde. Conventional wisdom has also suggested that applying chemically-based hair color with a straightening treatment could damage hair. Argil Hair Therapy, by Jean De Perle Paris not only challenges, but changes these misconceptions by providing a natural, white clay-based straightening treatment that not only avoids damaging hair, but supports hair growth and health, while eliminating 90-100% of frizz and curl!


Misconception #1: You cannot wash your hair for up to 2 days following a straightening treatment.

When hair is straightened using the Argil Hair Therapy system, hair can be washed the same day. No need for updos and hats! No need to worry about getting your hair wet or having that greasy hair feeling.


Misconception #2: Hair relaxers and straightening treatments take an entire day at the salon.

While some treatments take hours to apply and treat hair, Argil Therapy system only takes 40-90 minutes to apply and completed, depending on the thickness of the hair being treated. Changes should last 3-6 months, with a gradual fading in results over time. Meaning that you can reapply the treatment on your schedule, with no embarassing roots until you can make an appointment at the hair salon.


Misconception #3: Straightening my hair damages it.

While most, chemically-based hair straightening systems do cause damage to hair that can result in thinning or brittle hair, Argil Hair Therapy does not and can actually help your hair improve in thickness and shine. Argil Hair Therapy uses proteins, amino acids, and white clay- found naturally in the amazon river- to ensure your hair has no frizz or damages, provides shine and smoothness, and continues to grow healthy.


Misconception #4: Chemical hair straightening treatments are dangerous for me.

They may be, especially if you are allergic to certain chemicals, but Argil Hair Therapy does not use any harmful chemicals, which reduces the risk of harm from exposure. Due to its natural, and non-chemical formulation, Argil treatments are even safe for pregnant women and children! Additionally, treatments can be applied to colored, bleached, or damaged hair.

To find a salon near you that offers Argil Hair Therapy treatments, or to order the Hair Therapy system for your salon, contact us.

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