Three Reasons Salons Should Offer Argil Therapy


salonThere are several reasons that salons should offer a natural keratin treatment to their clients. If you’re considering expanding your client services be sure to evaluate the following three important benefits that Argil Therapy treatments can provide for your clientèle.

1) Provides the highest quality treatments to your clients: Argil Therapy is a way to naturally straighten hair without drying or breaking it. This natural keratin hair treatment is effective because it uses natural ingredients, primarily organic white clay and amino acids such as l-cysteine, keratin, and silicones, instead of harsh chemicals that come from traditional hair relaxers. The high mineral content of white clay, coupled with the fact that it has a neutral pH, means it is non-toxic and safe for clients of all ages and in all stages of life.

2) Creates a fume-free working environment: One of the most significant benefits of Argil Therapy is that is does away with the harsh fumes and toxins that, unfortunately, accompany standard chemical hair straightening treatments. Both your clients and your staff will appreciate the safer work environment that is created by lessened exposure to the allergens or toxins that accompany standard hair treatments.

3) Simplifies the treatment process: Argil Therapy is the simplest hair treatment on the market. The process can be completed quickly and naturally and is so effective that hair can be washed the same day. No more waiting 2 or 3 days to wash the hair. Clients love the instant, long-lasting results and the flexibility to add color to their treated hair within just a few days.

Curious to know more about this natural keratin treatment? Contact us to learn more about Argil Therapy – Amino acid hair straightening treatment or visit for more information. If your interested in trying out Argil Therapy we have a Salon 8oz trial kit available, call us at 1.866.963.1110 to learn more.

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