Three Reasons To Switch your Keratin Treatment For Argil Therapy

Over the past few years you may have heard a lot about Keratin treatments to keep your hair smooth and straight. However, there are many reasons to switch your Keratin treatment for Argil Therapy. In fact, here are three reasons that will make you want to switch forever.

  1. Organic vs. Toxic Chemicals. Argil Therapy is all organic but Keratin treatments have toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde. Keratin uses formaldehyde to bond the conditioner to your hair. However, formaldehyde is toxic and yes, it is the same thing used in embalming procedures. It can cause respiratory issuesand is not a safe product. While in some treatments the levels are considered safe, why would you want to put something like that in your hair in the first place when you can use something all natural and organic?
  2. The Healing Properties of Argil Therapy. Not only is Argil Therapy safe for your hair, it has natural healing properties. White clay and amino acids are what is used in Argil Therapy and both have the ability to help heal skin and hair. These natural ingredients mean that your hair only gets the best that Mother Nature has to offer. 
  3. Fast and Convenient. One of the great benefits of Argil Therapy is the fact that since it is organic, it works on any type of hair including that of children and pregnant women. Each treatment only takes 45-90 minutes so it’s fast as well. No more waiting to wash your hair and you won’t smell like toxic fumes either.

No matter what your reason for switching to Argil Therapy, the benefits are many. You’ll end up with a healthy head of hair that looks sleek and polished, without having to be exposed to the same thing that is used in a funeral home.

If you want to learn more about our products or have more questions, simply contact us and we’d be more than happy to help.

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