Tips on how to keep hair healthy

To Keep Hair Healthy

·         Healthy eating and diverse, increasing the amount of Vitamin A.

·         Drinking plenty of fluids to keep hydrated wires.

·         Before blowdry or flat iron, silicon and antipyretic using creams to protect the wires.

·         Cut the ends of the hair every three months.

·         Protect your hair from the sun. Use moisturizers with hat and sunscreen.

·         When washing your hair, avoid hot water, which opens the cuticle of the wires and cause dryness.

·         In place of conditioners, hair masks use to keep hair hydrated always.

·         Reset the keratin of the hair is essential: buy an etching kit and use it every 15 days.

·         Try using shampoo without salt or with neutral pH.

·         Once a week, use clarifying shampoo to make a deep cleaning.

·         Not to break the wires, avoid sleeping with wet hair.

·         To reduce static electricity, dampen your brush before brushing and use silicone.

·         For anyone who has curly hair and want to decrease the volume, the trick is to apply products like leave-in (which need not rinse).

·         Greasy Hair: Wash daily to remove excess sebum and prevent the fall.

·         To lighten the wires: make a very strong chamomile tea, go over the hair and let it dry in the sun. Besides clearing chamomile moisturizes the wires.

·         To strengthen and moisturize the wires, use aloe. Let stand for 30 minutes aloe vera. Wash as usual.

·         Mask to shine: Beat in a blender and an apple without seeds 1/2 cup of water. After washing the wires, go over the hair, massaging the scalp. Let stand for 30 minutes and then rinse.

Many women find that the hair do not grow as they should and they even say that they remain the same length for years. Actually the hair continues to grow. What happens is that the cycle of capillary development is slower and thinner wire can be born – giving the impression that he stopped growing.

Causes of Slower Growth Cycle

·         Stress

·         Poor diet

·         Repeated  chemicals in the hair and lack of care

·         Lack of sebaceous glands

·         Problems with blood circulation

·         Iron deficiency

·         Genetic disposition

·         Hormonal dysfunctions

There is a difference between the appearance of new wire and increasing the length of the existing wires. The growth of existing wires is determined by genetics and also depends on the general health and scalp. But mostly, the same principles that affect the evolution of the length can also interfere in the fall and growth of new hair.

Hair should be strong and resistant to that growth is continuous.

Tips to Accelerate Hair Growth

1. Exercise and good nutrition has

2. Avoid cigarette

3. Activate your blood circulation

4. Treat the scalp of oleosidade

5. Make constant hydrations

6. Massage your scalp


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