Natural Keratin Treatment

Amino Acid Hair Straightening

Jean De Perle Paris Cosmetics has developed an all natural keratin hair treatment called Argil Therapy. Argil Therapy is an amino acid hair straightening treatment which uses amino acids and white clay to straighten hair naturally without the need of chemicals such as formaldehyde, sodium hydroxide, thio, or lye. Argil Therapy implements important nutrients into the hair such as keratin, l-cysteine, and silicones which eliminates between 90% to 100% of frizz and curl, making the hair soft, shiny, manageable, and most of all, healthy!

Here are the benefits from using Argil Therapy – Amino Acid Keratin Hair Treatment:

• Wash Same Day Treatment
• Lasts up to 6 months or more
• Natural! No Chemicals! No parabens! 100% Natural and Organic!
• Based on Amino Acids & White Clay
• Product free of harsh Fumes and eyes burning sensation / No Raw Formaldehyde
• Can be used by Children & Pregnant woman
• Contains L-Cysteine, Keratin, and Silicones
• For thick, very resistant and afro hair! For blonde and highlighted hair!

We manufacture Argil Therapy and distribute world wide. For natural keratin treatment products visit and fill our keratin distributor form.

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