What is Argil Clay

What is Argil Clay?

Since early times, man has always used clay and clay rocks to make their tools for hunting and food preparation. The clay was an early form of natural medicine and its therapeutic virtues continue to be recognized. The constituents of clays act as enhancers of certain therapeutic effects, depending on its concentration.

The use of clay was one of the earliest forms of natural medicine known to man, having been used for its therapeutic virtues for centuries. Many like the egyptians, greeks, indians, and chinese have benefited from the qualities of clay to use either external or internal use. The molecular structure of the clay gives it great power of absorption, with the ability to extract toxins and harmful substances from the body; becoming effective antiseptics and antibiotics.

Unlike chemicals that can destroy healthy tissues indiscriminately, clay is selective in searching for pathogens and damaged tissues, allowing rapid restoration of health. Clay contains an abundant of minerals that is capable of absorbing water and swabs from the environment where it is, therefore exerting beneficial effects on the swelling, frizz and inflammation.

White Clay

It is composed of kaolinite-rich silicon and aluminum and is the mildest of all clays Silicon is a component of amino acids in proteins of skin and hair. The high percentage of aluminum present in the composition justifies its healing properties. It is used in face masks and poultices for its benefits to the skin and the body. Thanks to its neutral pH, is particularly well adapted to dry skin care and delicate. Since it is not allergenic, is suitable for sensitive skin of babies and can be used as talc. It has antiseptic properties, useful for irritated skin. Can also be applied as a hair mask for hair weakened. It is absorbent, decongestant, regenerates it and soothing pain. Eliminates toxins and impurities, revitalizing and promoting cell renewal.

Green Clay

It is composed of montmorillonite and illite, and owes its color to the presence of iron oxide associated with other trace elements (magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, aluminum, silicon, copper, selenium, cobalt and molybdenum). Can be taken orally or used topically to a host of problems. The illite is a powerful detoxifier with an enormous absorption capacity. Extracts impurities from the body while the clay minerals are selectively absorbed by them in accordance with their needs to restore health.


Green clay is absorbent, antiedematosa, detoxifying, remineralizing, revitalizing, regenerative, antiseptic, antibacterial, exfoliating and healing. Eliminates toxins and impurities and promotes cellular renewal. Allows the input to the skin and the body of minerals and trace elements. It is recommended for oily and normal skin to be very effective to absorb excess sebum. It can also be used in hair mask to regulate sebum production in oily hair prone. Has analgesic properties and anti-inflammatory useful in relieving muscle and joint pain, relieve the affected areas. It is beneficial in flatulence and other abdominal problems. It also improves the peripheral blood circulation.

Maintaining skin health and beauty is the main problem of every woman. Her solution is in natural remedies our kitchen or garden, with different varieties of fruits and vegetables that we consume daily, not cosmetic shops offer our products extremely expensive.

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