White Clay is Perfect for all Types of Hair

Argil Therapy is an amino acid hair straightening treatment that utilizes white clay, also known as Argila. What you may not know however, is how much of a miracle element that white clay is when it comes to our hair.

White clay was once used in early civilizations for its healing properties. Not only can it absorb toxins and pollutants in the body but it has a natural calming effect in the skin and hair. Due to its neutral PH and medicinal qualities, it can be used on any type of hair and by anyone, including women that are pregnant. 

Unlike hair straightening treatments that use formaldehyde, this combination of while clay and amino acids won’t cause an odor, create skin irritation or react unnaturally with the hair structure. It is totally natural and has all of the helpful benefits you need such as helping cells renew and revitalizing the hair itself. 

In fact, the usual things we do to harm our hair such as using a hair dryer or flat iron, using chemicals or simply being in an environment that is not pure can be overcome by the Argil Therapy. This hair treatment is so gentle that it can be used on children.

Formaldehyde, sodium hydroxide, thio, and lye are no longer needed and now you can have your hair straightened naturally without worrying about the smell or the chemicals on your hair. Those components are what are used in traditional straightening techniques but you can straighten your hair the way nature intended. 

If you are curious about all of the benefits of white clay then contact us so we can help you learn more about how to have a straightening technique done naturally and more healthy.

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