Why Choose an Amino Acid Hair Treatment

Amino Acid Hair Straightening

When deciding that you want to straighten your hair, there are many hair straightening treatments available that you can pick. From Brazilian hair straightening and Japanese hair straightening to keratin treatments and amino acid hair treatments, it can all get confusing. However, if you’re looking for a natural way of straightening your hair that is safe and good for the health of your hair, then an amino acid hair straightening process is for you.


The difference in Argil Therapy’s amino acid hair straightening system is that there are no harsh chemicals in the product. This process uses white clay and amino acids to give you soft, shiny, healthy hair that is more straight and natural looking. Amino acids are a natural part of our hair and are also known as the vitamin L-Cysteine. This component not only allows our hair to have a better texture but it also helps the hair grow and have less hair loss. See, the hair

already has this in it but healthier hair has more amino acids and an amino acid hair straightening treatment allows the hair to be infused with the healthy vitamins, sillicones, and proteins it needs to look its best. The amino acids are combined with white clay, which has iron, potassium, mineral salts and sulfur. All are perfect for helping the hair be more flexible, less brittle and healthy.


The hair is stronger and has more endurance. What you get is hair that has no frizz and looks healthy, glowing and straight. What you don’t get is formaldehyde, thio, and sodium hydroxide. You don’t need chemicals to allow your hair to look its best so why use them? Especially when you can get a great product that works just as well.

So when you are ready to not only get healthy, straight hair but want your hair to look its best and become its healthiest, just contact us for more information on your amino acid hair treatment.



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