If you are looking to have silky, straight hair there are many options. You may be wondering why choose an amino acid hair straightening treatment over a keratin treatment? Actually, there are many excellent reasons in choosing an amino acid hair straightening treatment.

  • Organic Ingredients. Other hair straightening treatments such as keratin treatments have formaldehyde. This is a toxic chemical that should not be used on everyone, especially children or pregnant women. However, with an amino acid treatment you are only getting what nature intended.
  • Ease of Use. An amino acid hair straightening treatment is easier to work with than other treatments. For one thing, you can wash your hair immediately. No more waiting 3-4 days to wash and style your hair. It can even be used on color treated hair and that can’t be done with some straightening products due to their chemical composition.
  • Healthy Benefits. Our products have a wealth of healthy benefits. The white clay that is found in Argil Therapy has healing properties. It also has a negative PH and this means that it can be used on all kinds of hair types including children and women who are pregnant. The amino acid used in our products is L-Cysteine, which is actually classified as a vitamin. This vitamin helps with not only hair growth but it keeps the hair from falling out and improves its texture as well.
  • Better Results. You’ll see hair that is more nourished and hydrated and a 100% frizz-free head of hair.

The facts are that you’ll have the soft, silky, sleek and straight hair you’ve always dreamed of without the frustration of dealing with toxic chemicals. All your hair will get is what is natural and organic. If you want to learn more about what Argil Therapy can do for you, simply contact us and we can help.