Why use Argil Therapy Natural Keratin Treatment

Why use Argil Therapy’s Natural Keratin Treatment?


Developed in Brazil, Argil Hair Therapy system contains an element that is found in the amazon river called Argila, or white clay. This white clay has been used for decades in cosmetology and Jean De Perle Paris is the first to provide its amazing healing abilities to hair. Argil Therapy contains important hair elements that restore the hairs health from damages caused from constant chemical hair straightening, flat ironing, hair coloring and highlights, and of course the sun and humidity. The White Clay found in Argil Therapy has a neutral pH which means it can be used on all types of hair, even children and pregnant women.


Salons Using Argil Therapy

Providing quality hair services is important when it comes to keeping clients looking sophisticated and beautiful. Salon owners and their hair stylists have tried a variety of hair straightening products that weren’t providing expected results.  Argil Hair Therapy provides an all natural hair treatment that will make hair professionals and their clients dreams come true. This all natural, same-day wash hair treatment has been changing hair treatments world-wide. No more harsh fumes, no more sore throats, and no more health issues that come from traditional hair treatments.


So if your tired of trying other hair straightening products to impress your clients and help them with their frizzy, damaged, dry, brittle hair, Contact us today to learn how Argil Therapy can repair hair naturally!

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