Women dream about silky smooth shiney hair

Damaged and frizzy hair is what many women have in common. Every women dreams of having silky, smooth, straight hair without causing any more damage.

After spending hours with a flat iron and blow dry, damaging each strand of hair, many women decided to opt to find a hair treatment that eliminates frizzy and damaged hair for several weeks. The most popular treatment today is called brazilian keratin treatment, keratin hair treatment, or keratin treatment and it is one of the best hair treatments on the market. However, the one issue with these treatments is an ingredient called formaldehyde which is a carcinogen that releases harmful fumes when heated. Even though cosmetic products are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, the amount of formaldehyde in keratin products should be no less than 5% or .05 percent. Any more than that amount can cause damages to not only the clients hair but the hair professional.

Today however, Jean De Perle Paris Cosmetics has developed an all natural keratin hair treatment called Bio Anti Frizz Elements, which is an all natural hair treatment that does not need any chemicals to completely provide expected results. This keratin hair treatment implements keratin and cysteine into the hair cuticle which eliminates between 90% to 100% of frizz and curl, making the hair soft, shiny, and manageable.

Bio Anti Frizz Elements – Natural Argil Keratin Hair Treatment provides an alternative to keratin treatments with formaldehyde. This natural keratin treatment contains no chemicals such as formaldehyde and no harsh fumes that cause eye irritation and sore throats like traditional hair treatments. Using Bio Anti Frizz Elements will provide healthier, straighter, softer, and shinier hair than ever.

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