Stylist Appling keratin hair straightening treatment

Hair Salons Using Keratin With Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde (Formal-de-hyde), is the leading preservative and main ingredient in most hair products. The heating process used in the keratin treatment application process releases formaldehyde gas, which can be severely irritating to the eyes, nose, and throat. Long term exposure to formaldehyde in the workplace has been linked to increased cancer risk for the hair professional applying the treatment, their co workers and clients.

So why do salons still offer keratin straightening services that contain this formaldehyde ingredient?

SIMPLE! They don’t know better! They don’t know of any products that do not contain this hazardous ingredient and the ones they have tried provided unwanted results. So they keep using these keratin hair products until it gets enough attention from all the clients who have started to see the damages from formaldehyde: Hair loss, Dry hair, Reduced hair shine, Frizzy, Lifeless, and Dull hair.

Frustrated from keratin straightening hair damages

Now what?

SIMPLE! The clients stop using these hair products. They are looking for a solution to their hair that has been damaged from these keratin treatments with formaldehyde. The hair salon starts to notice their keratin services has decreased and are no longer offering these chemical treatments. The clients who have been using these keratin treatments are used to having silky, smooth, and shiny hair. The stress and frustration to keep their hair from getting damaged, frizzy, and unhealthy sinks in. So they seek for an alternative solution.

The Solution! A Natural Keratin Treatment Based On Amino Acids and Clay

After seeking for a solution from their hair professional and coming up short, they start their own research and find Argil Therapy! A revolutionary hair straightening treatment that provides results and exceeds your expectations.

Argil Therapy is an amino acid hair straightening treatment which uses amino acids and white clay to straighten hair naturally without the need of chemicals such as formaldehyde, sodium hydroxide, thio, or lye. Argil Therapy implements important nutrients into the hair such as keratin, l-cysteine, and silicones which eliminates between 90% to 100% of frizz and curl, making the hair soft, shiny, manageable, and most of all, healthy!

Natural Keratin Amino Acid Treatment Hair Straightening

Here are the benefits from using Argil Therapy – Amino Acid Keratin Hair Treatment:

  • • Wash Same Day Treatment
  • • Lasts up to 6 months or more
  • • Natural! No Chemicals! No parabens! 100% Natural and Organic!
  • • Based on Amino Acids & White Clay
  • • Product free of harsh Fumes and eyes burning sensation / No Raw Formaldehyde
  • • Can be used by Children & Pregnant woman
  • • Contains L-Cysteine, Keratin, and Silicones
  • • For thick, very resistant and afro hair! For blonde and highlighted hair!